Worship in small groups: Your thoughts

A big thank you to everyone who responded to our question about Sung Worship in Small Groups. There is still time to add your voice to the conversation – click here to find out more or just comment below. We’ll be adding more of your comments later in the week, but here is your starter for 10…

“We would love to hear other group’s experience on this – we have one guitar player in our group who we use about twice a term. I rather think we enjoy singing rather than really worshipping to music. Worship often follows meditation on a theme, or a DVD clip – we used part of The Bible TV presentation which we had recorded for Easter this term and you could hear a pin drop when we switched off – and this led into spoken worship.”

“Something happens in our hearts when we bring praise and glory to God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It’s a divine and supernatural connection with the Heavenlies… It is a very important part of meeting in small groups, to worship and adore him in song (I know there are other ways of doing this e.g. Bringing a psalm or meditating on a passage of scripture etc etc.) Also being open to the Holy Spirit’s leading and directing in choice of song rather than a hard and fast list of songs; yes by all means come with something prepared if you are leading worship… but be prepared to be flexible, as The Holy Spirit leads… [The] choice of songs is vast, but most importantly the choice should be ‘what helps your group to connect with the presence of God, and it will be different for different groups. It’s always worth experimenting, it can be surprising how this works.

Last point, in my experience small groups without worship have something missing; if you meet with the desire to have Jesus at the centre, worshipping Him does just that, and it’s good practice for eternity..”
Peter Dusek

We have found that singing within the group gives a lift to the atmosphere and provides variety of activity. Singing worship songs adds a new dimension to the meeting, beyond simply sharing ideas, opinions and needs. Our experience is that however small or untuneful the group may be, it is worth trying to sing if possible. It may be accapella, with guitar, or in a home with a piano and pianist. In some groups we would use music from CDs which gives a strong backing to the few voices in the group.
Pam and Mike Collier

“We (St Mary’s church, Stebbing, Essex) have a Thursday homegroup where we normally have sung worship to start the evening. Our weekly numbers fluctuate but eight would be an average. Each member has a song folder with loose sheets of worship song words and the music is usually played from worship CD compilations. Live recordings from conferences like Stoneleigh and Spring Harvest work well as folk feel part of the gathering.

I think in general our homegroup enjoy starting with sung worship, and if a worship song can be found which links with the subject for the evening, than all the better.”
Richard Wilcox

“Singing in small groups can be a bit embarrassing, but we have found that we can sing along to a CD, or sometimes just listen to a CD and sing in our heads, as it were.

Worship is a valuable part of a small group meeting.”

One thought on “Worship in small groups: Your thoughts

  1. Anthony says:

    We went through a period where we only had one good musician in our group and put of sung worship for a season. We found this to be detrimental and soon went back to including it as the Westminster confession says the chief aim of man is to worship and enjoy God,
    We have now gone back to worship whether that’s using an I-pod, i-pad , computer, cd or a musical instrument it creates space for God to speak into our lives and makes a brilliant platform for discussion around God’s Word.
    I agree with a lot of the comments that have already been made about it being valuable.

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