Why is it important to train your small group leaders?

You don’t need to train people to hang out, to spend time together, or to chat about Jesus, so why bother with training small group leaders?

Training inspires confidence – I was a reluctant leader when first asked to run a small group. I knew I could make cups of tea and welcome people into my home. But I didn’t think I had anything to teach anyone, I didn’t know where to start and wasn’t sure I had much knowledge to share.

Training helped me to realise that leading people isn’t about having all the answers – but gave me the confidence that I could definitely create a space for people to feel safe, loved and to learn and grow themselves. And surely that’s what it’s all about?

Training proves that you are valued – When a church leader prioritises training small group leaders it makes you feel valued. You feel included in the structure of the church and it also reflects well on a church to show that they prioritise small groups within the church. The time taken to train you makes you feel like your contribution to the church matters.

Training gives you new ideas and support – By creating a space for different small group leaders to meet together you create opportunities to learn from each other. You can listen to the other ways that leaders have overcome situations and get advice on things that you are dealing with. Training with other leaders is a great support network, as sometime leading can feel lonely.

Training strengthens and grows small groups – if leaders and their groups aren’t getting any new ideas, energy, support, prayer put into them then they can’t be expected to flourish.

CWR have a range of different courses for churches who want to invest in their small group leaders and pastoral teams. We even bring our courses to you! Find out more about the topics we can cover and how you can build a course specifically for your church.

About Emily Owen

Emily dreams of travelling the world and writing about the great things she sees God doing along the way. Whilst waiting for dreams to come true, she happily works for CWR, plays a lot of netball and is trying to learn Spanish.