Transformed Life: It’s great to know that I belong!

In this series of posts, we’re looking at the eight weeks of the Transformed Life church programme. This week Charlotte Moore shares her thoughts about Transformed Life Week five.

As I write this blog post, I am preparing for my small group. It’s week five of Transformed Life and I am keen to see what’s in store for us this week! The theme is ‘Belonging to His family’. I’ve watched the video, read the Bible passage for the week (Ephesians 2:11–22) along with Dave’s comments, and now I’m considering one of the questions for the group:

What are the different benefits of belonging to the global Church and also to the local church?

First off, I think it’s important to understand the differences between the two. I would describe the local church as a group of believers in Jesus Christ who meet in a particular location, on a regular basis. However, I think the global Church is made up of believers all over the world and is not referring to these believers meeting in one place, but that it’s the name given to believers as a collective family – His family.

Considering the different benefits for each, and reading what Dave Smith has written in the book, I look at the benefits of the local church first. I think the feeling of community is a big, if not the biggest, benefit, and that of course includes the opportunity to worship, pray, hear teaching and share communion together at a local level. For me, there is a strong sense of being personally included when attending a local c0hurch. It meets that human need to have fellowship, love, understanding and support, and helps believers to not be ‘far away’ from God (mentioned on Day 29).

However, when looking at the benefits of the global Church, it is perhaps a little less obvious to me at first. The global Church makes us distinct from others, but some would say that that isn’t necessarily a benefit… But a benefit of the global Church is that wider family aspect; a unit bound by common interests – we all acknowledge the same God. Dave writes that the global Church has the same capital city – heaven – and as a member of the global Church, we can all look forward to the same future glory of the kingdom. I would definitely see these points as beneficial!

From my brainstorming, what I realise is that whether you count yourself to be part of your local church or as a member of the global Church, or both, nothing is mutually exclusive – you belong to His family! As Dave Smith writes on Day 32, ‘In Christ we are no longer a foreigner: we now belong!’ and it’s definitely great to know that I belong!

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About Charlotte Moore
Charlotte Moore is a recent graduate, working to build her career in digital marketing and web design. When she isn’t interning at CWR, she is playing drums in her local church or planning her next holiday to a new destination.