Transformed Life: Tap in to the power

In this series of posts, we’re looking at the eight weeks of the Transformed Life church programme. This week Ben shares his thoughts about Transformed Life Week Seven.

We’ve recently bought our first house, it was a bit of a fixer upper to say the least. We’ve had to completely gut the place. One of the main problems we urgently needed to sort out was to change the switchboard. Placing your hand on the wrong area was liable to give you a bit of a shock.

Last weekend an electrician friend from my small group came over to fix it. He only had a short amount of time and we were expecting visitors that evening.

He fixed it and it worked! Until the evening. Everyone arrived and from then on every ten minutes the electrics tripped.

It’s crazy how dependent we are on power. The lights would go out, the music would turn off. We couldn’t even make a cup of tea because any attempt at that would automatically trip the electrics again.

Last week in Transformed Life we looked at our purpose. This week we looked at our power. As a small group leader I am always praying for my small group to catch a sense of their purpose or calling in God. I want them to know that they have a particular calling, that they are created just the way they are for a reason. But I know that these callings can never be achieved or lived out without the power that comes from God.

We need this power to achieve our purpose just as my house needs power to achieve its purpose.

But how do we tap in to this power?

Through week 7 Dave gives some amazing insights and practical tips on how to do this. In the first few days he talks about how prayer must be a priority. He shares testimonies from some old saints on the power they experience in their prayer life. These insights are both touching and motivating.

Dave reminds us in Day 45 that, ‘The great news is that this dynamic and intimate experience of Christ is not just for great leaders but for all believers.’

He goes on to share a quote from Martyn Lloyd-Jones where he says, ‘So you begin to pray, and you go on praying in faith until some marvellous moment comes and suddenly you find yourself knowing Christ. He will have manifested himself to you. … He will have taken up his abode in you, and settled down in your heart.’

Isn’t that encouraging?! Great men and women of God experienced power in their ministry that came from a personal and experiential relationship with Jesus. A personal and experiential relationship that we can have too.

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About Ben Knight
Ben is a youth leader and children’s worker at New Life Christian Church, Emsworth. He has been running small groups for lads for ten years and is passionate about seeing them step into their identity in Christ.