Transformed Life: Don’t blow a gasket!

In this series of posts, we’re looking at the eight weeks of the Transformed Life church programme. This week Ben shares how Transformed Life Week Three has helped one particular member of his group.

When I was a child I went to a Christmas party at my dad’s work. Towards the end there was a surprise. Father Christmas walked in with presents for all the kids. I was so excited. I waited in a queue with the rest of the kids, anticipating an amazing gift. When it came to my turn, I snatched the gift as soon as it was given to me and opened it up. To my horror, it was a book. My reaction was, ‘But Father Christmas knows I don’t like books!’

Growing up I hated reading. I struggled with dyslexia and would avoid books like the plague. At 17 I gave my heart to Jesus and I was quickly informed that godly men read their Bibles every day. You can imagine my reaction! I struggled with not just having revelation but with plain reading.

As a small group leader one of my main prayers is that the members of my group would have revelation. Sometimes I think I could talk until I’m blue in the face about how good God is. But, if the Holy Spirit doesn’t bring revelation, nothing will happen. Except that maybe I’ll blow a gasket.

On week 3 of Transformed Life we were discussing how to get revelation and the difference this makes to our walk with God. We were particularly talking about day 17, in which Dave shared about a twentieth century preacher who started praying from Ephesians 1: ‘I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened’ (Ephesians 1:17–18). He prayed for the spirit of wisdom and revelation and for his heart to be enlightened, and put himself as the subject of the prayer. Then suddenly the light started to come!

One of the members of my small group, Jack, very honestly confessed that he finds it hard to get anything out of the Bible. This sparked a conversation with the group about how, like in Dave’s illustration, I’ve always prayed for the Holy Spirit’s help every time I read my Bible. It’s only been with the Holy Spirit’s help that ‘the light started to come’ for me. So I challenged Jack to try it next time he reads his Bible.

A couple of days later I saw Jack and asked him how he’d got on with his Bible study. He excitedly told me, ‘It worked! And then I did it the next day and it worked again!’

It’s a simple testimony, but one that blessed me immensely as a small group leader.

I look forward to seeing what God has got in store as we continue the series!

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About Ben Knight
Ben is a youth leader and children’s worker at New Life Christian Church, Emsworth. He has been running small groups for lads for ten years and is passionate about seeing them step into their identity in Christ.