These 3 Things – finding your security, self-worth and significance

In almost all walks of life, there seems to exist a ‘rule of three’…

… from aviation to mathematics; education to chemistry; the survival priorities of water, shelter and food. We expect so many other things in threes, too, from the three blind mice to big red buses. When it comes to understanding ourselves, we keep coming back to three things that define, complete and motivate our personality; three things that largely determine our words, reactions and our life’s direction; these three things, designed by God to draw us into relationship with Him, to answer the big questions of life: Who am I? What am I here for? Do I matter?

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Who am I? What am I here for? Do I matter?
These are questions so many of us are asking – no matter our age or the culture we live in. The Bible describes us all as ‘thirsty’ – thirsty for purpose, value and love in any way we can experience, whether through our roles in the workplace, church or home; through countless activities and achievements; or through our relationships with other people. Yet it was Jesus who said that it was through Him that we can know life in all its fullness, and throughout Scripture we read of being made in God’s image, created to have our deepest longings met in God.

But how do we actively live this out? How do we learn to trust God when problems arise, things don’t go to plan, we feel anxious, angry or disappointed in life? Based on the seminal work of Selwyn Hughes, presented in his book Christ Empowered Living, Mick Brooks now offers a fresh approach to how we can deepen our dependence on God to meet our need for security, self-worth and significance.

These 3 Things takes an accessible approach to understanding the key elements of our personalities; the strategies we follow, thinking we know best how to make life work; and ways in which we can learn to rethink how to have our needs met and function well – even when life becomes a struggle.

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The book
How do you sum up, in one book, content that covers our deep spiritual needs, personal motivations, and revival? Homesickness and belonging? Our disconnection, isolation and reconnection with God and others in our increasingly ‘contactless’ society? Over six weeks this book will help you lean into God every day as you begin by going back to the original plan: who God is, and who we are; where it all went wrong, and how we find our way back; what it is we’re looking for, and how and where to find it. Discover how to find your security, self-worth and significance in God.

The group resource: Free online videos and discussion starters to help you fully unpack this vital, life-transforming teaching.

The church programme: Sermon outlines and PowerPoint templates to help your whole church benefit in journeying through These 3 Things together.

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