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How your group can make a difference this Summer

For small groups, the summer can be more than just going abroad for holidays and going incognito for six weeks. Summer can be a perfect time for the Church to give extra to their local community.

We love to have our small group socials, going on walks, described as “just a short one”, followed by a quick drink at the local pub in a quiet, secluded table away from everyone else.

But I would ask this question to our small groups – when was the last time your group made a difference to the community? What events did you organise that were an example of life lived to the full?

I’m not attempting to bash people with smart quips, or to say that believers don’t do enough in this particular season. But, I would like to suggest that we should get stuck in.

British summers offer a variety of possible events, despite frequent weather changes, and I’d like to suggest a few that could impact your community, and might just even get people interested in Jesus.

  • Fun-Days – Whether you have access to your local high street, or perhaps a village green, fun-days are a great way to meet your community with a whole load of activities: sports, face painting, creative performances, things that all ages can feel a part of.
  • Church in the Park – Fancy getting the Gospel of Jesus out to your community, but you don’t have a building? Hire a marquee, get out on your streets and start inviting people to multiple services you can run throughout the day. People’s lives can be transformed at any time, and this doesn’t have to be just on a Sunday morning.
  • Free Concerts – People love music, and if there is a free live music on offer, I guarantee most people will snatch up that offer. You could even get your small group along to an open mic event, it’s easy to start conversation with anyone else in the audience.
  • Social Action Work –If you want to show love to your community through good deeds then use the MATRIX Trust, who are brilliant at Social Action work, as inspiration. You could offer to paint your neighbours fence, completely redo someone’s garden, and maybe even take all their rubbish to the tip? Speak with your neighbours, see what needs to be done, then ask what you can do for them. If they ask why, you can use it as an opportunity to tell them about your faith.

These are just a few ideas that I know have worked before.

Get stuck in this summer: be brave, be bold, and show your community what Jesus’ love has changed for you.

By Chay
Chay is an aspiring filmmaker and photographer. He loves to tell bad puns, and is part of the ‘Pastor’s Kids Society’ in Surrey.