Small Group Essentials

Small Group Essentials: That awkward moment…

We’re back with another series of video blogs looking at some of the common questions and issues that often crop up in the life of a small group.

This week we’re looking at what to say when someone says they are leaving and how, as a leader, you can handle this proactively.

Comment below and let us know what topics you would like to see us cover.

Small Group Essentials: What every group ends with – prayer

This week Andy goes deeper into the topic of prayer offering some spiritual reminders and practical pointers on how to handle prayer within the context of a small group setting.

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P.S. If you have watched one of our videos before you may be wondering why Andy’s ‘chair’ keeps changing? Well, we’ve noticed that at most small groups you end up sitting on the most bizarre collections of furniture, and so we thought we would give him the same treatment!

Small Group Essentials: No time for prep – part 1

Welcome to the third installment of our Small Group Essentials video blog, exploring what we can do when we have no time to prepare for an evening. Let us know what you  do when you suddenly find that time is against you!

You can download and print off the Swedish Method Bible Study (2499 downloads) here.

To catch up on previous episodes click here.