Paracelsis: Journeying Together

Resource of the Month: Love With Skin On


Love With Skin On: The gift of your journey

We are all on different journeys through life, and we all experience ups and downs. How can we, the Church, use our experiences, our journeys, to help those around us going through the same thing?

Love With Skin On reveals how Trevor Partridge’s personal journey has led him to ask how the Church can help people who struggle with the everyday issues and circumstances of life, and how he believes the answer is to be found in the rediscovery of the ‘paraclesis’ ministry of the New Testament. He addresses whether the time has come to redress the balance between pastoral care in the Church and professional input, and suggests it is time to call forth the paraclesis – coming alongside other – ministry.

Deepen your understanding of 2 Corinthians 1:4, and be inspired as you grasp the concepts contained in the book to adopt this new initiative in your small groups, whole church and wider community.

SGC Paraclesis


Introducing Paraclesis

Love With Skin On unpacks the heart of CWR’s church initiative, Paraclesis.

Paraclesis is a new, fresh approach to pastoral care within your church and local community. There is a huge resource of life experience lying dormant in congregations, an untapped reservoir of experience and support that could be released to touch the lives of others in the Church and wider community. This new care initiative, alongside its supporting print and digital resources, is designed to reach out to others who are struggling both in our churches and surrounding neighbourhoods.

‘When I think about Paraclesis, my heart is just bursting with excitement – I sense this is just the beginning of an exciting journey for our church and its members!’

The tried and tested Paraclesis: Journeying Together programme and accompanying resources, including the Daily Guide, are now available for your church to begin their journey. Find out more about Paraclesis here…

About Trevor J. Partridge Trevor J. Partridge is not only a co-founder of the Christian charity CWR, but also has a wealth of pastoral experience and a personal connection with Paraclesis as he has developed the initiative over the past 15 years. He holds a degree in Theology and is a pastor, counsellor and author. He has travelled extensively, teaching and preaching at seminars, conferences and churches around the world.