Engage in spiritual disciplines

If you were asked what Christianity is all about, what would you say? Believing in God? Going to Church every week? Reading the Bible? Being saved so you can go to heaven?

Jesus said the most important thing of all is to love the Lord your God with your whole being – heart, soul, mind and strength. Having a loving relationship with God is what Christianity is really all about. And while all those other things have their place, it is only as part of that personal relationship with God.

For centuries, God’s people have engaged in practices that have proved vital for growing that loving relationship with God. We call these ‘spiritual disciplines’, and in this series you will look at the following seventeen areas of spiritual discipline:

1)      Focus on God: worship, Bible study, meditation and prayer

2)      Focus on others: fellowship, submission, serving and witnessing

3)      Focus on ourselves: simplicity, giving, battling temptation and fasting

4)      Focus on daily life: solitude, silence, giving thanks, confession and living for today

It is important to note that these things are not love for God themselves, rather they are a means to that end. Spiritual discipline is really self-discipline that has the spiritual goal of growing that love for God.

As you work through the various areas of spiritual discipline you will see how each, in its own way, works towards this goal of loving God. Each study guide comprises a daily reading and reflection, and weekly questions and discussion points for small groups to work through. There are also free, accompanying video teachings for each of the sessions to really help bring each topic alive!

If you would like to find out more about each of these four small group study guides, you can go to the Small Group Central store, or watch the introductory video.