Resources of the Month: Elisha and The Beatitudes Cover to Cover Bible Studies

Cover to Cover Elisha: A lesson in faithfulness

Discover a life lived with faithfulness, deterred by nothing, walking closely with God.

Elisha was called by God to succeed Elijah and continue the fight against idolatry in the land of Israel. Although we may not have the same calling, we too are living in an age where our belief in God is being challenged. Elisha’s example teaches us that with the Holy Spirit we can achieve far more than we could by ourselves and by devotedly serving God, whatever the cost, we can experience His power, protection and provision.

Over seven sessions, be encouraged in your small group that God’s power is the same in every generation and explore how you can respond to God’s call in your own life.



Cover to Cover The Beatitudes: Immersed in the grace of Christ

Look afresh at the Beatitudes and explore Jesus’ unconditional grace.

The eight Beatitudes, or blessings, are not just an introduction to Jesus’ groundbreaking Sermon on the Mount. They are among His best known but perhaps least understood words. Jesus speaks to the needy, the sad, the powerless, the cheated, the carers, the purists, the blamed, and indeed to all of us. His words remain as relevant today as when they were first given.

This is an opportunity over seven sessions for your small group to gain a fresh perspective of the eight Beatitudes and discover afresh their relevance in today’s world.



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Cover to Cover Bible study guides are ideal for group or individual study. Experience the reality of Bible events in a fresh way and gain a new depth to your Bible knowledge. Icebreakers, Bible readings, eye openers, discussion starters, personal application and ‘seeing Jesus’ sections, make these Bible study guides a great small group resource.