Praying for local schools as a small group

Ways you can pray for local schools…

  1. On your own, as part of your regular prayer times
  2. As a group of those with links with the school
  3. Together with your church or home group
  4. Prayer walking the area and praying for the schools you go past
  5. Driving around your village/ town/city and stopping near your local schools. Park safely and spend a few minutes praying for the pupils and staff
  6. Suggest a prayer for your church newsletter
  7. Invite everyone who might be interested to a town/citywide prayer meeting.  Include people from Churches Together, Open the Book and Prayer Spaces teams, after-school clubs, local church children and youth workers, school staff members and students


Points to ponder…

Skills for Life

Education is about setting children and young people up for life, by giving them opportunities to find decent work, earn a living contribute to communities and societies and fulfil their potential.

Special Needs    

Pupils with special educational needs have learning difficulties or disabilities that make it harder for them to learn than most pupils of the same age.  1 in 5 pupils has a special education need; about 1.6 million in the UK.      Source – Care Prayer Diary

Healthy Diet

A good breakfast is essential for children to start the day and learn at their best. Sadly 1 in 7 school children in the UK will go to school hungry. Source – Kelloggs


Ideas for your prayers…

  1. For teaching staff:  Our loving heavenly Father, please ease heavy workloads and encourage teachers as they cope with paperwork and other everyday challenges. Help them cope with the pressure of Ofsted and league tables. Amen.
  2. For support staff:  We pray that all those involved in school maintenance, catering, cleaning, administration, medical and pastoral care will be given the determination, patience, compassion and wisdom that they need every day. Amen.
  3. Children: Lord, please protect, guide and bless the children in our schools and especially help those who are struggling. Amen.
  4. Special educational needs and schools.  Dear God, give to teachers and other helpers the energy they need to support and encourage these children. Amen
  5. Starting somewhere new:  Father, we commit everyone who started in a new school or a different class in September. Please help them to make friends and settle in. Amen.
  6. Christian organizations like Open the Book, Prayer Spaces in Schools, Youth for Christ and Scripture Union.  Dear Lord, please encourage and inspire all Christians who visit schools in our area to bring a sense of Your love and truth to everyone they meet. Amen.


About Jane Newey

Jane works as the England Coordinator for Pray for Schools.

Every year Pray for Schools promotes Back to School with God and Education Sunday in September, PrayDay in November and also joins with others in May for Pray for Schools Fortnight. Find us on Facebook and Twitter or see our website for more details and other prayer ideas.

More resources and great ideas for prayers can be found on the Scripture Union Scotland website and daily prayers on the Association of Christian Teachers website.