Introducing 40 Days with Jesus

40 Days with Jesus is a resource, for individuals, small groups and churches. At its heart is an invitation to actively explore the accounts of the risen Jesus.

This resource is based around a particularly successful teaching series that was first written and used by Dave Smith at KingsGate Community Church. It delves into the post resurrection appearances of Jesus to His disciples, exploring the remarkable way in which He transformed the lives of those He encountered. Our hope is that we will see many more lives transformed as we focus on the risen Jesus.

This resource includes:

For more information and to register, visit the 40 Days with Jesus website.

About Dave Smith

Dave is the Senior Pastor at KingsGate Community Church in Peterborough, Cambridge and Leicester. He became a Christian whilst studying at Oxford University and went on to complete a Doctorate. He and his wife Karen planted KingsGate in 1988, a lively and thriving church, which has obtained national profile on Songs of Praise and BBC Radio 1.