How to help your local prison as a small group

When was the last time you prayed for your local prison?

Don’t worry, this question isn’t meant to make you squirm and feel awkward, it’s supposed to be make us think. I guess that not many people even know where their local prison is? Let alone have thought about those inside of it!

The resource of the month is an unusual book. 40 Stories of Hope is a collection of 40 remarkable testimonies from prisoners, ex-prisoners and prison chaplains who speak powerfully about life-changing encounters with Jesus.

“This is an extraordinary book – a book of hope and reconciliation, a book of transformation and journeys… There is no one, no life, no story that is beyond God’s power to love and transform.” Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

Through the generosity of CWR and HOPE supporters 15,000 copies of 40 Stories of Hope are being sent into prisons all over the UK. But, this book isn’t just for prisoners. We can all find hope in Jesus, no matter who we are or what our journey has been. The 40 stories make this book an ideal resource for Lent, and weekly group studies make it a great fit for a small group context.

More great news about this book:

For every SINGLE copy of 40 Stories of Hope purchased CWR will send a copy into a prison. Or, you could join together with the rest of your small group and buy a box of 20 copies at a discounted price to either use in your small group, give away at your church or send to a prison! Follow this link…

Join CWR in praying for the people in prison who these books reach. That as they read 40 Stories of Hope they will be inspired by the stories they are reading and that they too would encounter Jesus!


About Emily Owen

Emily dreams of travelling the world and writing about the great things she sees God doing along the way. Whilst waiting for dreams to come true, she happily works for CWR, plays a lot of netball and is trying to learn Spanish.