Getting started: 40 Days with Jesus

40 Days with Jesus is about to run for its third time since it was launched in 2014. Over 15,000 people have taken part so far and we are excited to be getting the ball rolling again once more this year.

‘I have been a Christian for over 30 years and thought I had heard it all, but this book shed new light on Jesus, 40 days after His resurrection. I think it is a good resource for those exploring their faith as well as established Christians.’

Now, on the off-chance that you have not yet come across 40 Days with Jesus, here’s a quick look at what it is exactly and how you and your small group can get involved!

40 Days with Jesus is based around a successful teaching series that was run following Easter 2012, by Dave Smith, the senior pastor at KingsGate Church. For nearly 20 years, Dave had seen lots of guests come to the Easter services, many of whom had given or recommitted their lives to Christ. However, he found many more viewed this as a one-off event, and would wait until Christmas or the following Easter to come back again! So Dave decided to do something a bit different – hence the creation of 40 Days with Jesus.

Over six weeks, this programme explores the post-resurrection appearances of Jesus and the remarkable way in which He changed the lives of those He encountered. To support the weekly sermons written for the whole church and the 40-day devotional created for people to read each day, there is also a set of small group studies and videos ideal to use in between Sundays. Each video provides context and teaching on the subject of that week, and then the small group sessions offer questions and topics to spark discussion.

So if this has sparked your interest, why don’t you watch the video below? Or if you would like to get signed up and start preparing for you and your small group to get started, click here!

Introduction to 40 Days with Jesus from CWR on Vimeo.