Fresh ideas for… worship in small groups

I don’t know about you, but when I think about the act of worship in a small group, I imagine a group of slightly awkward-looking people standing around in a circle, tentatively singing Shine Jesus Shine. There is nothing wrong with this picture – Shine Jesus Shine is, in fact, a great song – but it raises the question, how do you worship in a small group?

Inevitably, there is no right or wrong answer to this. Everyone chooses to express praise and adoration to God in their own, personal way – that’s why the act of worship is so amazing! However, worship in a small group dynamic faces its own unique demands and challenges in comparison to worshipping alone or in a large group. Here are some ideas that may help small groups engage in natural, heart-felt worship…

1. Share a global communion

Introduce a different take on communion. In preparation, buy different international breads such as naan, chapatti, pitta, tortilla wraps etc. and a variety of drinks: red wine, red grape juice and a glass of noticeably dirty water (probably not to drink! It’s to remind us that there are people out there, including Christians sharing communion, who don’t have access to safe drinking water) and share communion together. Take time to remember believers all around the world who also share communion together, but who may not be able to worship as freely we can.

2. Take the group outside

Combine God’s Word and His creation in worship. Print out Bible verses that focus on creation and nature. Then, take your group to a local outdoor area, find a quiet spot, and spend time praying and reflecting on a passage each. Once the group is ready, spend time sharing insights, questions and thoughts on what has arisen during this reflective time.

3. Giving thanks

Invite each person to share something that they would like to give God thanks for since you started meeting as a group. Sharing thanksgivings with one another not only offers up praise to God as worship but it also builds the sense of community within your group.

4. The six-word challenge

Give everyone a pen and piece of paper and ask them to write praise to God using just six words (the words don’t need to form a full sentence). Each person then read the words aloud to one another and they can be used to guide worship within the group.

5. Sing together in your small group

Singing in your small group is a great way to worship together, provided you consider certain aspects. For example, when selecting songs, bear in mind the number of members who will actively participate – don’t choose songs that require the enthusiasm and momentum of a large group. Choose familiar songs with friendly keys to create an easy worship set. It will take a while for people to feel comfortable within the group when it comes to singing, so start with a prayer and plan some brief talking in between each song to relax the group. Focus on the connection between members and between them and God, rather than creating a performance.


About Charlotte Moore
Charlotte is a recent graduate, working to build her career in digital marketing and web design. When she isn’t working at CWR, she is playing drums at her church or planning her next holiday to a new destination.