Christ Empowered Living

Do you want to understand more clearly just what Christ meant when He said, ‘I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full’ (John 10:10)?

This foundational course, based on CWR’s core teaching, presents a biblical framework for self-discovery and personal revival. During this course you will explore how God designed our personalities to function along with our three deepest needs – security, self-worth and significance.

Find out how problems arise in the human personality and discuss some of the major issues that block the flow of Christ’s power in our lives. Learn how we can deepen our dependence on God – looking to Him to fulfil our needs and give us stability in an unstable world.

Whether you are new to Christianity or have been a Christian for many years, come and be refreshed and reminded of God’s intended design for our lives.


If you would like Small Group Rebooted, or any other CWR course or seminar brought to your church or small group, you can email or telephone 01252 784719.


About the course leaders

Mick Brooks is CWR’s Chief Executive and presents a range of seminars and courses. His background in both general and psychiatric nursing has given him invaluable experience in many areas of interpersonal skills and relationships. After a period of management in the NHS, Mick studied theology in the USA, from where he moved to the West Indies to serve as Dean of Students at a Bible School.

Lynette Brooks also has a background in nursing and health visiting before the couple moved to the USA and the West Indies. She is the Director of Publishing and Ministry at CWR, overseeing the organisation’s publishing and short courses, and is a member of the Senior Leadership Team. She presents some of the Ministry to Women seminars, MBTI® days.