Bible knowledge on the decline?

Christian leaders are faced with a dilemma. Biblical teaching and information is becoming ever-increasingly available in an instant thanks to technology. Yet research suggests that Bible knowledge has been on the decline over recent decades. And it would seem that Christians are spending less time regularly meeting together to learn and study the Bible.

Here at Small Group Central, we have many resources to help you dig deeper into the Bible – one of which is CWR’s Small Group Toolbox series. Made up of six study guides, each including four individual sessions, this series looks at a number of different, relevant topics for Christian small groups today:

1)      Building Character Through Testing Times

Keep strong through faith and see life’s challenges as an opportunity to grow spiritually. A resource to help you and your small group explore vital issues of Christian growth and discipleship.

2)      Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

Understand the nature of your spiritual gifts and the reasons why God, in His wisdom, entrusts these special powers to ordinary people. Discover what these spiritual gifts are, which gifts you have, and how to use them wisely.

3)      Identity

Explore the subject of identity rooted in faith. A resource to help you and your small group explore identity and relationships – if you know who you are, you know what you’re here for.

4)      Guidance

Uncover guiding principles found in the Scriptures and set your personal prayers for guidance firmly within the bigger plans and purposes of God.

5)      Strong Faith for Tough Times

Discover how a living faith calls for practical action and unlocks the ability to look beyond current changing circumstances to the unchanging faithfulness of God Himself.

6)      Hearing God

There is a great deal of mystery concerning God’s communication with His children. There are no ‘five easy steps’ that can guarantee hearing from God, but God has probably been speaking to you more than you are aware.

If you would like to find out more about each of the Small Group Toolbox study guides, you can go to the Small Group Central shop.