Icebreaker Idea: Animal (of God’s) kingdom

If you were a household pet in the kingdom of God, what animal would you be?

It’s a question I recently heard used as an icebreaker and it was just a fun little way of getting people thinking and talking. But it can also be quite a profound question.

For some, the answer would be dog. Energetic and loyal in their youth but after a few years they might have grown a little lethargic, but still love their master.

For others, the answer might be cat. Maybe a little bit more independently minded. They know their territory. Sometimes they bring ‘gifts’ back into the house! Most of them like being fussed over but can change their mind pretty quickly.

Other people might feel more like a tortoise. A hard outer shell protecting the soft tissue inside. They also live for a long time and take things slowly!

Maybe some of us are more like goldfish. Bad memories… feel like we’re swimming around in circles… Did I mention the bad memories?

Need we mention rabbits and their ability to recreate (or make disciples in our context!) or hopping from field to field in search of the best grazing.

Perhaps the answer would be parrot. Whether or not you’ve had a parrot as a pet (or any other bird for that matter) most of us know that parrots are famous for listening to and repeating what their master says. Is that what you want to be like? Someone who listens to what Jesus says, pays attention to the way Jesus acts and speaks, and replicates it in your own life?

So, what animal would you be in the kingdom of God, and why? It’s not such a silly question!

You could open it up to non-household animals, or get your thinking cap on and come up with another creative idea, like… If you had to describe your place in God’s Church as a type of food, what food would you be and why? The idea is just to get people thinking and talking, and considering how they relate to certain aspects of the Christian life in a fresh way.



About Mark Baker

Mark is an editor and is passionate about small groups. He loves writing, reading, and finding out more about God and His purposes for our lives.