40 Days with Jesus: What we love!

Week 1

We love persistence and devotion … particularly Mary’s persistence and devotion to Jesus on that first Easter Sunday morning. In Day 1 of the devotional, Dave writes:

Mary was clearly so devoted to Jesus that at the earliest opportunity after the Sabbath, she got up to visit the tomb. Then, as we shall see, having witnessed the empty tomb, she was determined to find the body of Jesus, in contrast to the male disciples, who went home. Although Jesus eventually took the initiative and appeared to her, it seems as if this is in direct response to her loving, persistent seeking of Him.’

Week 2

We love revelation … and how the scriptures reveal the true identity of Christ and the hope that we have in Him! On Day 11 of the devotional, Dave writes:

‘Just as Jesus first revealed Himself to these disciples on the Emmaus Road, so He wants to reveal Himself to you and me as we daily and diligently read and reflect upon the Scriptures. As we do, we can be assured that the risen Christ will Himself come to us, and by the Holy Spirit will Himself become our Bible teacher.’

Week 3

We love hope … and the new hope that Christ brought to His fearful disciples and still brings to us today. On Day 16 of the devotional, Dave writes:

‘The reality of the physical resurrection of Jesus is at the very heart of the new hope that is at the centre of the Christian message. Hence, after having declared ‘Peace’, Jesus sought to give the startled disciples clear and convincing proofs that He was really, physically alive … The great news of Christianity is that … whatever challenges and trials we face in this life, we can be assured that there is a glorious hope that will far outweigh all of this. Because Jesus conquered death, and is alive, we no longer need to fear death.’

Week 4

We love restoration … not only does Jesus help us in our present struggles, but He also comes to heal us from our past failures. On Day 26 of the devotional, Dave writes:

‘The habit of God asking us to face our shortcomings with a question rather than directly accusing us is frequent in Scripture … At the root of our greatest failures is our ultimate failure to fulfil the greatest commandment to ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart … soul … mind and … strength’ (Mark 12:30) … God made you, has a plan for you and sent Christ to restore you – from both self-inflicted damage and from hurts caused by others. The wonderful news is that when He restores, He makes all things new!’

Week 5

We love purpose … and that Jesus not only gave us our true purpose but promised to be with us every step of the way. On Day 31 of the devotional, Dave writes:

‘Until I became a Christian, I had no real understanding of my life purpose, other than a vague desire to be ‘happy’. Yet as soon as I invited Christ into my life, I had deep and abiding sense that I was made on purpose and for a purpose. I quickly realised that this purpose involved being loved by, and in return loving, the God who had made me and saved me, and that this love was to overflow in making a difference in other people’s lives.’

Week 6

We love confidence … the confidence we can have that Jesus really is alive and is still transforming lives today. As we look back over the evidence from the last six weeks, Dave writes on Day 37:

‘All of this points to a stunning conclusion: the Jesus who had been crucified and lain dead in a tomb for three days, had come back to life. The testimony of the New Testament letters and the book of Revelation, as well as nearly 2,000 years of subsequent Christian history, is that Jesus remains alive today!’