40 Days with Jesus: On the road to Emmaus

Week 2 takes us to the Emmaus road and introduces us to two disciples who had lost hope in Jesus and His mission. Yet as they travelled with Jesus, as they looked at Scripture and ate with Him, their ‘vision was corrected’ and their eyes were opened to who He was. Our prayer is that through Week 2 many more will come to see the truth of Jesus and the hope that is found in Him.

What we love about Week 2…

We love revelation… and how the scriptures reveal the true identity of Christ and the hope that we have in Him! In Day 11 of the devotional Dave writes:

”Just as Jesus first revealed Himself to these disciples on the Emmaus Road, so He wants to reveal Himself to you and me as we daily and diligently read and reflect upon the Scriptures. As we do, we can be assured that the risen Christ will Himself come to us, and by the Holy Spirit will Himself become our Bible teacher.’

So let’s encourage our small groups and our churches to dig deeper into Scripture over these 40-days with expectancy. Let’s pray that reading the Bible may not become dry and routine but that our hearts may be ‘burning within us’ as the truth of Scripture is revealed to us.

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