40 Days with Jesus: Locked doors

Week 3 takes us behind locked doors, where the disciples, full of fear, are gathered. Yet as Jesus presents Himself to them, as He pronounces His peace upon them, we see how they are filled with new hope, joy, purpose, power and authority. Let’s continue to pray that our churches and small groups encounter Jesus afresh during these 40 days, and that as they do so, they may find themselves refilled and restored by Christ.

What we love about Week 3…

We love hope… and the new hope that Christ brought to His fearful disciples and still brings to us today. In Day 16 of the devotional Dave writes:

”The reality of the physical resurrection of Jesus is at the very heart of the new hope that is at the centre of the Christian message. Hence, after having declared ‘Peace’, Jesus sought to give the startled disciples clear and convincing proofs that He was really, physically alive… The great news of Christianity is that… whatever challenges and trials we face in this life, we can be assured that there is a glorious hope that will far outweigh all of this. Because Jesus conquered death, and is alive, we no longer need to fear death.”

What a glorious hope we have. Let’s pray that the truth of the resurrection, and the hope that is brings, is a reality to those around us.

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