40 Days with Jesus: Persistence and devotion

40 Days with Jesus is a new post-Easter resource, for individuals, small groups and churches. At its heart is an invitation to actively explore the accounts of the risen Jesus.

And we’re off…

40 Days with Jesus is underway! It’s great to hear that many of you have already started the 40-day journey with your small groups and churches, and that many more are hoping to start this weekend. If you have any specific feedback just drop us an email: hello@40days.info

What we love about week 1

We love persistence and devotion… Particularly Mary’s persistence and devotion to Jesus on that first Easter Sunday morning. In Day 1 of the devotional Dave writes:

‘Mary was clearly so devoted to Jesus that at the earliest opportunity after the Sabbath she got up to visit the tomb. Then, as we shall see, having witnessed the empty tomb, she was determined to find the body of Jesus, in contrast to the male disciples, who went home. Although Jesus eventually took the initiative and appeared to her, it seems as if this is in direct response to her loving, persistent seeking of Him’

So let’s encourage our small groups and our churches to persistently seek the risen Jesus. And over this 40-day period let’s pray for those we know that, like Mary, their lives may be forever changed when they encounter Him.